1E: exhibition still life assignment

Coming Friday the installation of the still life assignment will take place.
Coming Wednesday Marcel and Aalt will be present to help out with the matting and dry mounting of the final print.
Aalt can also help with the retouching of the dust-spots.

I will be at the AKI from 10.00 AM on Friday to help out with any other necessary actions before putting up the show.

Unnecessary to say that I need all of you to show up to help and make this a beautiful exhibit.
Make sure your final print is as good as it can get so that you feel proud of the result.

It has been a very long assignment but that was necessary so you all could get acquainted with the process of making and building a still life, the camera, the film, the dark room and all the other aspects of analog photography.

I have seen very good and interesting developments and personally I think this has been a very successful assignment. As a group we will be making an exhibition that can and that may be seen: let's make sure of that and take good care of the last efforts necessary to finish it off well.

Good luck and see you on Friday!


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