Year 1 | Filmmaking I Finals

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
10.04.18 / TUE 10.00 - 17.00

All of the students will submit the final versions of their assignments by 23.59 tonight, via wetransfer or dropbox.

Remember to address each film file with your name and assignments information. The films without any or the right information will not be graded.

You have two assignments to be sent:
1) Video Essay: A Narrational Study. Check your assignment sheet for detailed information.
2) Cinematic Camera Usage Series. Use the same video, audio, and outline information of your Video Essay. Additionally, address which shots you are combining with non-diegetic insert. If you have several different clusters of shots, put a black screen for 2-3 seconds in-between.

If you would have any question or need feedback, please send me an email.  


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