Year 1 + Year 2: MOVING IMAGE PRESENTS (exhibition April 6-13)

Dear students in year 1 and 2,

As most of you already know you are kindly invited to propose a work for the one week exhibition MOVING IMAGE PRESENTS that will take place from April 6 to April 13 at the entrance of the AKI.

The installation of the exhibition will last 2 days: on Wednesday April 4 and Thursday April 5 (and not Tuesday April 3 as stated in your schedule). Sjoerd and I will be there on Wednesday the whole day to supervise the installation.

The exhibition will open on Friday April 6 at 14.00
with a short speech by Marc

We would like to make an overview of all the works so please send us your proposal for 1 existing work this weekend. Please include an image, link to video or documentation photographs so that we have an idea of what it is + a technical description (is it a video, installation etc, the kind of equipment needed).

You will have to take the exhibition down on Friday 13 in the afternoon.

We look forward to receive your proposals!


Elodie and Sjoerd

PS It would be nice to make posters for the exhibition, who would like to take care of that?


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