Year 1: Beyond the Screen – The Multiple Image (6/6) FINALS

Image Design – Project 02 semester 2, 2018 Course: 14 February – 29 March
Tutors: Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen
Session 6: Thursday 29 March – 10.00 - 17.00 hrs (FINALS)

Dear all,

Next Thursday 29 March you will present your muti-screen project to us (Elodie, Sjoerd and Jan) and the second year students. You are responsible for arranging the technical equipment you need, for further questions about the technical aspect you can contact Jan.
We will be there the whole day, in the morning we have a meeting with the second years.

Your presentations will take place from 12.00 sharp.
We expect you all to be there at 10.00 to start installing/ preparing your presentation and help each other.

You will present your work at one of the following locations:
- Room MI (right): Witali
- Room MI (Middle): Laurynas
- Room MI (left, small): Lisa, Ilja
- Viewing/ Project space (upstairs, with beamer): Yenchi, Julia
- Room 1.12 (upstairs, with beamer): Raia, Stefanie

This is the schedule for the presentations on Thursday (this should work with roulating the 4 beamers):

12.00: Yenchi (Viewing room) > 2 or 3 beamers? (+ beamer in Room)
12.20: Witali (Room MI, right) > 2 computer screens + TV screen
12.40: - LUNCH -
13.40: Lisa (Room MI small) > 1 or 2 beamers? + block TV
14.00: Laurynas (Room MI, middle) > 2 beamers or 2 TV screens?
14.20: Stefanie (Room 1.12) > 1 beamer (+ beamer in Room)
14.40: - BREAK
15.00: Ilja (Room MI, right) > 2 beamers?
15.20: Raia (Room 1.12) > 1 computer screen + Ipad (+ beamer in Room)
15.40: Julia (Viewing room) 3 beamers (+ beamer in Room)

About the possibility to test your presentations before Thursday:
The Viewing room and the room upstairs (1.12) are reserved for MI on the following days, please discuss amongst each other who is using the space and when.

- Room 1.12 (upstairs with beamer) is available on Monday afternoon and Tuesday the whole day (Raia and Stefanie)
- Viewing/ Project space (upstairs) is available on Wednesday the whole day (Julia and Yenchi)
- The MI rooms are available except for the Room right on Tuesday (Nur lessons) and the room in the middle on Thursday morning for our meeting with the second years (free from 12.00).

Please feel free to invite fellow students from other departments to you presentation!

Good luck to you all and see you on Thursday!

Best, Elodie and Sjoerd


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