Year 1: Beyond the Screen – The Multiple Image (5/6)

Image Design – Project 02 semester 2, 2018 Course: 14 February – 29 March 
Every Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00, room MI 
Tutors: Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen 
Session 5: Wednesday 21 March – 10.00 - 17.00 hrs 

Dear all, 

Thank you for yesterday’s viewings and feed back on the individual videos. We will outline the final assignment of the multi screen again: 

The assignment is about creating a spatial multi screen video installation/ environment with at least two screens (but not limited to two, so three, four, etc. is also possible) In this way you step away from the passive 'viewer versus screen' set up, and will have to find ways to include the body/viewer in a more dynamic, interactive way. We made some changes in the program which will give you more time and freedom to do this assignment. 

So to recapitulate: - Your multi screen work should contain 2 or more screens (which can be of all sorts: tv bricks, beamers, computers, small tft screens, phones, etc). The screens don’t have to be of the same size, it all depends on your idea. - You can choose any place in the AKI which suits your idea (Moving Image class room, studio, corridors, etc). Make sure you check the availability with Ina. - The images of your archive are a starting point. So you can either work with the material you already have OR you are welcome to shoot new material to create this multi screen installation. - For next Wednesday 21 you don’t have to install this set-up with the screens yet (so you can concentrate on the content and shooting the material you need). 

Nevertheless what we expect for next week is that you present a clear concept for your multi screen installation, including visual material and a clear idea about the location and the realization/technical aspects involved. 

For the finals on Thursday 29 you will focus on finalizing the work (with the feed back you received) and install/present the multi screen project. - Reserve the equipment you need at Warrie for the 29th on time. (Probably you will have to share the equipment with other students, so keep each other informed on your plans). - Don’t forget to pay attention to the sound as well (you can ask Jan for advice). We hope all is clear. If there are questions regarding this, we are happy to answer them! 

Best regards, 
Sjoerd and Elodie


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