Still live assignment photography ACD + MI 1

Image or Print?

This assignment is to make you think and become aware of the value of a good photographic print.
You need to make 1 (one) beautiful photographic print (silver-gelatin) of a still live you put together yourself using a 4x5" camera and black&white film and paper.
The final print should be a beautiful silver-gelatin print; either an enlargement or a contact print. Enlargement not bigger than 8x10".
The final print needs to be so beautiful that you want to frame it and put it on your wall.
The essence of this assignment is not only to make you acquainted with analog large format camera and film but also to make you aware of the slow process where the time in between the making of the image and seeing the result has significant meaning.
The only other extra tool you can use is a separate light meter.
Light can come from the outside or from artificial tungsten lights.
Final print can also be fabricated in Cyanotype on any surface you can think of (ask Aalt, Lex or anybody else around the dark room or studio).
Aalt (or Marcel, or Ferdinand) will teach you how to properly use the camera, light meter, film and dark room.
Email me with any questions if nobody else is available or if you absolutely need to talk to me for whatever reason. I'll be at the AKI every Monday and Tuesday.
Happy experimenting and lots of fun trying!!!

Pam has a file with the example-photographs by Josef Sudek and will send it to you all.


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