Year 1: Start Technique

Wednesday Jan 31th - continue with the software lessons:
10:00 at 1.31

Year 1: Excursion with Jan

Thursday 01.02. | Visit of the Anual Exhibition Rundgang at the Academy for Fine Art Münster Germany (dont forget your ID) | Meeting at entrance AKI at 9.55 | departure at 10.00 sharp |  | (They have a cafeteria but take cash only)  I wish you a fun day! gr. Katharina

Year 2: project 4.1, Thursday Feb 1, session 1/4

Subject course: content and context

During your study you are continuously asked why you have created what you have created? What is your story? Why did you use this visual style? What is your intention?

At this course we will dive into the core of your topic; how to translate your initial spark into original, profound and/or creative works which connect to your audience.

For the first session please prepare the following:
- one topic you care/are passionate about
- find at least one book, one film (or documentary) and one article (web or print) about the topic
- if you have it, bring the books, films, articles

We will start Thursday February 1 at 10:00.

1/2: Rotterdam tickets

The tickets for Rotterdam are in our email!
You can either print them out or download them on to your phone!

Year 1/2 Excursion IFFR 2018 - Monday 29. January

Student Programme at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018

Monday 29.01.
Enschede departure (intercity direction schipol) 09.16
Step over Amersfort 10.38  (cross platform 7 > 6)
Step over Gouda  11.18 (cross platform 10 > 8)
Rotterdam arrival 11.40
Immediate Check in Hostel 
Hostel de Mafkees, Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam:

Artist Talk at Kino Cinema, Gouvernestraat 129-133, 3014 PM Rotterdam:

12:30 Artist Talk with Louis Henderson
14:00: Free time, a bite or an exhibition visit - as you like!
15:00: The All-Seeing Sun (Short Film Programme) + Q&A
17:20: Meet The Programmers at WORM 
19:30: Feature Film Windspiel, World Premiere and Bright Future Competition entrant

For detailed Programme see >> pdf here

Year 1/2/3 Collective Viewing

Moving Image Collective Viewing Thursday 25.01.

Please find the schedule and room plan as pdf here >>>

Year 1+2+3 department meeting

With Katharina |  Monday 22.01. | 12.00-12.30 | 12.30-14.00 individual meetings on request

You will receive the spring schedule and we will plan the collective viewing day thursday 25. January.

1/2/3/4: AKI open on Saturday

Because of the 'Prepatory Course/Vooropleiding' the AKI is open during these saturdays:
20 januari, 27 januari, 3 februari, 10 februari, 17 februari.

Use this to your advantage for preparation for the viewings/werkschouw.

1/2/34: Green light + Instant Dreams, with presence by Willem Baptist @ concordia

Come and see our 4th years Crossmedia student as they give their green light presentation, followed by a special showing of Instant Dreams by Willem Baptist.

10.00 - 15.00 Greenlight presentations by 4th year

15.00 - 16.30 Instant dreams by Willem Baptist,
Willem Baptist will be present for Q&A and talk about the film!
"Wanneer Polaroid in 2008 het einde van de instant film aankondigt, wordt de laatste nog werkende fabriek door een aantal liefhebbers opgekocht. Eén van hen is de gepensioneerde chemicus Stephen Herchen, die eerder samenwerkte met de uitvinder van Polaroid en probeert het geheim van de verloren chemische formule te ontrafelen."

2 Februari @ Concordia!!
Free entrance for all students.

Year 2: Project Superpowers

We look at the edits so make sure you have the edit available on your machine or on one of the schools Macs.

Deadline is after lunch! We watch the finished rendered results after lunch.

Also hand in the music video analysis on Friday.

Here's a recap of the assignment:

This week we will be creating the opening scene to a movie about you and your superpower
One week, so KISS.

Day 1: Finding subject, and creating backstory. 
Day 2: Rewriting / Practical shooting / Feedback and reshooting
Day 3: Rounding up the project + in class presentation

You yourself have to play the hero

Medium must be video. But use whatever you need, if you want for example to make it into a an animated comic that is fine as well

Somewhere in this video you must feature the logo you have made for this hero. Be creative in designing and in the way you feature it.

Video must feature at least one dolly zoom shot.

One point deduction from the end-grade per missing condition.

Added points for:
Impressive cinematography
Storytelling originality
Not making a lame logo

2/3: BIO MATTERS ; registration

artistic research program 2017/18 
Time: Every Wednesday (07.03.2018 till 30.05.2018) 10.00h-16:30h

To apply for the course, send an email to Agnieszka A. Wolodzko by the 26th of January! Space is limited to 10 participants!

AKI BIO MATTERs artistic research program follows bioart’s movement to learn how to think and create when your medium is alive. We will face with the art and science relations and practices of living matter manipulations in a manner that hands-on practice is never separated from instant processes of thinking. We will experience and discuss what is actually happening in the labs within wider Do IT Yourself biology and bioart scene and what are the ethical, political and cultural challenges of living matter manipulations. In other words, rather than representing the reality, we will invent a reality. The aim of AKI BIO MATTERs is to to create spaces of thinking while doing, and doing while thinking with the living matters.

Spring semester: Project 7EC or Minor 15EC (continuation of fall semester)
Questions concerning participation should be discussed with the head of department and mentor first!

Lecturer: Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko
Room: BioLab
Preparation for the course: Reading materials to be provided in early February


1) 7.03
2) 14.03
3) 21.03
4) 28.03
5) 04.04
6) 11.04
7) 18.04
8) 25.04
9) 16.05
10) 30.05 

ACD goes NY

ACD GOES NY! Still seats available!

Our yearly magical trip to NY City is coming up in May 2018!
Musea/guest lecturers/practitioners/design studios/artist/sightseeing

6th May - 13th May
Included: KLM Flight, Chelsea Savoy Hotel close to Madison square.

You can reserve your spot by applying: Apply here 

first come, first serve, full=full

Year 2: Project 3.4 – The Screen and the Body (2/5)

Dear all,

Next Monday we expect you to visually present a finalized idea including footage of the try-outs you recorded on location. Besides your video try-outs you can also make use of a storyboard, sketches and photo’s to explain your idea. We will need to be able to understand how your idea works, both in relation to your chosen location and in relation to the viewer holding the iPad. 

After your presentations we will have individual talks to discuss your next steps.

Good luck with the progress and see you all on Monday, we’ll start at 10.00 hrs.

Elodie and Sjoerd

Year 3: 2nd meeting Admission to Exam (2/2)

Second meeting: Monday January 15
Time: 10:00 - 14:00

At these meetings you will prepare for your admission to the Final Exam. The objective is to work on the presentation of your final project proposal which you will present on Thursday January 25.

The following elements should be part of your presentation:
1. Name
2. Past (looking back on your development incl. choices of work)
3. Status quo (actual work, questions, themes of interest)
4. Preview of the coming semester containing a proposal / an idea for the final exam period and project(s).
5. Overview milestone-planning

Please bring:
- draft of your presentation
- everything you want to share about your graduation process

Meeting schedule:
10:00 - 11:00 Mélinda
11:00 - 12:00 Celina
12:00 - 13:00 Michel
13:00 - 14:00 Toms
Please be in a bit sooner then your scheduled time if things might go more swift.

Out of Office/Niet aanwezig AKI

Donderdag ( 11 januari ) en dinsdag ( 16 januari ) ben ik niet aanwezig op de AKI. Vanaf donderdag 18 januari kan je weer afspraken inplannen. Dat gaat makkelijk en snel via het webloket.

Coming thursday ( 11 januar ) and tuesday ( 16 januar ) I'll be out of office. Thursday 18th januar I'll be available at the AKI again. Making an appointment is easy by using the electronic agenda.

Year 2: Project 3.4 – The Screen and the Body – start Monday 8 jan

David Hockney, playing with photographic reality, 2013

Dear all,

This Monday 8 Jan we will start a new intensive two-weeks project entitled The Screen and the Body.
We will meet on the following dates:

- Monday 8 Jan (E+S)
- Wednesday 10 Jan (Elodie)
- Monday 15 Jan (Sjoerd)
- Wednesday 17 Jan (Elodie)
- Friday 19 Jan: Final presentation (E+S)

We will start at 10.00 hrs, please be on time!

Elodie & Sjoerd

Year 1 & all other years/classes: Dragonframe tutorial: Tues, Jan 9

All students are welcome to attend a one hour Dragonframe demonstration and tutorial in the stop-motion room on the second floor, Tuesday, Jan 9, 13:30PM.

Learn how to use Dragon to assist your hand-made animation endeavors! Bring anything you want to try animating under the camera. The room is small so be on time to get a comfortable spot.

-Tess Martin

Year 1: Hand-made animation workshop, first day: Monday, Jan 8

Welcome to hand-made animation!

We will be doing a workshop over 4 days, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this coming week.
The first day, Monday Jan 8, we will spend the morning learning and watching in the classroom, but in the afternoon we will do a short pixilation workshop.

Please bring a DSLR camera (with full battery) and tripod if you have one available (and whatever you need to get the pictures off your camera onto one of the mac computers).

See you at 10:00 on Monday! Please be on time :)

-Tess Martin

Year 3: 1st meeting Admission to Exam (1/2)

First meeting: Tuesday January 9
Time: 10:00 - 13:30

At these meetings you will prepare for your admission to the Final Exam. The objective is to work on your final project proposal which you will present on Thursday January 25.

Please bring:
- ideas/themes for your final project and/or current state of development
- your thesis
- work(s) you have made so far this academic year
- your agenda