Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking (5/6)

Lecturers: Elodie & Sjoerd
Course: Project 01 – Image Design
Date: Wed. 20.12. | Begin: 10.00 hrs

Paul Graham, Rockefeller Center, 23rd April 2010, 1.50.50 pm, 2012

Programme (Please be on time)

Lecture 5: On Photographic Mappings & Sequences
Experiment 5: Photographic Mapping

Your own digital camera (or borrow one at Warrie's), drawing gear, ruler + stanley knife, scissors, glue/ spray mount.

On Friday you will present the results of the Image Design course. All your experiments must be ready to be reviewed on Friday morning (we'll start at 10.00 hrs). So you need to finish the experiments you had already started with, re-work the ones which didn't turn out like you wanted and still make the experiments you missed in class. In the afternoon you will install the works for a small exhibition. 

Good luck with putting the last hand to your experiments!
We look forward to see the results. 

See you on Wednesday!


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