Second Year Project (3.2)

Today was the kick-of for the branded creative work.

To confirm what the next steps are, outside the contact hours:
Tim and Valerie will finish a draft, send it out for feedback from the rest and have a version on the table by the end of tomorrow that we can work with.

You will have to divide the roles for pre production, production and post based on personal preference for this project.  Work this out amongst your peers.Think about what you are good at and what you want to improve still. Please don't stick with what you know only. Make sure that you are doing equal parts or at least parts you can live with.

A finished list and planning of this needs to be ready before coming into class next Monday (13th 10:00) I understand that, because we didn't finish more of the narrative today, there might still be some lack of involvement. It is also your own responsibility to keep up with the progress of this project. So check in with each other and make sure you are clear on what to do.

Please include me in the email chain through
Next contact day will be Monday 13th at 10:00, please be punctual.


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