Year 1+2: Film screening + art / film history

Thursday 30.11. | film screening 10.00 | room 0.56 

Pepperminta dir. by Pippilotti Rist (2009) 

Watch the Trailer: 

Pepperminta is an anarchist of the imagination.  

She lives in a futuristic rainbow villa and according to her own rules. Colors are the young woman’s best friends and strawberries are her pets. She knows the most amazing remedies to free people of their fears.  

Pepperminta‘s wish is for everyone to see the world in her favorite colors. Werwen, a young plump and shy man yet whose sex appeal Pepperminta finds highly attractive, and the beautiful Edna, who talks to tulips, join her on her passionate mission. 

These three musketeers of a different kind set out to fight for a more humane world. Wherever the gang appears, everything is turned upside down and people’s lives are transformed in the most miraculous and wondrous of ways.

After lunch at 13.30 you will have art-film history class with Elvira | meeting in room 0.56

Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking (2/6) + Assignment

Lecturer: Sjoerd
Course: Image Design
Date: Wed. 29.11 | Begin: 10.00 | End 17.00 hrs
Room: Moving Image

Jan Dibbets, Perspective Correction – My Studio III: Square with Cross on Wall, 1969 


For the first part of the morning you will make a 10 min. duo presentation. (The pairs are the same as last session). Please prepare an informative talk including images and an edited text on: 
- Inverse/ Reverse perspective
- Drone-view perspective 
- Google street view
- Photogrammetry

Documentary: David Hockney, Secret Knowledge, BBC
Lecture 2: On Anamorphosis
Experiment 2: Anamorphosis

Drawing gear (pencils, markers, eraser, etc), digital camera or smartphone, optional: laptop (+ VGA adaptor for beamer)

Looking forward!

ACD goes Antwerpen

Tuesday 28th of November the second years and third years ACD are going to Antwerpen, by bus. Feel free to join mail me to let me know, limited places on the bus. Costs are 30,- including: bus travel and musea. Pay on departure Tuesday morning, in cash.

08.30 Gather at Enschede Central station NS: Pick up bus
12.00 Muhka Museum
15.00 Fomu Museum
16.30 Tim van Laere Gallery 
17.30 - Dinner and drinks
19.30 - Departure Antwerpen by bus.

+- 23.00 Arrival Enschede

Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 6: Thu Nov 23 in room 1.53!!!

Assignment: Present yourself as if it’s five years from now

It doesn’t have to be a realistic view (although it’s not prohibited), but it has to have a connection to your wishes / thoughts / dreams / plans. And: your presentation has to be unforgettable. None of the attendees will ever forget you, your face and name, after Thursday.

Please note: we will have the presentations in room 1.53.
Note 2: as it will be a longer day than usual don't forget to bring some drinks and snacks to keep you going!

Year 2: Film screening + art / film history

Thursday 23.11. | film screening 10.00 | room 0.56

War Photographer (2001) dir. Christian Frei

A documentary about the photographer James Nachtwey. As well as telling the story of an iconic man in the field of war photography, the film addresses the broader scope of ideas common to all those involved in war journalism, as well as the issues that they cover.

After lunch at 13.30 you will have art-film history class with Elvira | meeting in room 0.56

Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 6: Tue Nov 21 in room 1.53!!!

As announced at the last session: our final assignment will be done together with the first year students of Crossmedia Design.

Tuesday November 21 we will meet in room 1.53 at 10:00 sharp.

Year 1: Collecting the content

Collect all your content that you have made in the first semester.
Meeting: Wednesday  - Novembre 22th at 9:30 in 1.31.

Aanwezigheid decanaat

Donderdag 16 november en dinsdag 21 november ben ik afwezig. In plaats daarvan donderdag 23 november de hele dag én vrijdag 24 november aanwezig. Je mail beantwoord ik binnen 3 werkdagen. Afspraken maken kan via het webloket.

Thursday 16 november en tuesday 21 november I'll be out of office. Instead I'll be available thursday 23 november en friday 24 november. You' ll get a reply on your email within 3 workingdays and of course you can make an appointment by using the electronic agenda.

Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking (1/6)

Lecturers: Sjoerd van Oevelen & Elodie Hiryczuk
Course: Image Design
Date: Wed. 15.11 | Begin: 10.00 | End 17.00 hrs

Room: Moving Image

Photographer Bernard Sury focuses a camera on a cave painting at Lascaux, 1947

Questionning the idea of photography as a window to a reality beyond the camera is the underlying theme of this course. We are so used to understand the world through photographic images that we often forget the inherent ambiguities of the lens-based image. During the course we will explore the visual representation of space through different empirical and scientific methods as well as artistic and philosophical concepts. We will investigate the precise role of looking and discuss alternative ways of image-making that escape the fixed program of the photographic apparatus.

Each session will begin with a lecture centered on one topic followed by an experimental assignment to be conducted during class. Throughout the sessions we will give you feedback and monitor the making process. We will close each session with a short presentation and a discussion of eachother's experiments and analyse how images and theoretical concepts influence each other. The final session will include a small public exhibition of all your experiments in the academy building.

Assignment outline
The assignments will be based on the 'Theoria cum Praxis' principle of German philosopher Leibniz in which theory is always combined with practice and vice versa. Through this 'learning by doing' (or 'body learning') each assignment aims to be an empirical experiment or a test for a specific question about perception, representation, the experience of space, virtuality and physicality. For all these assignments you will need a (digital) photo camera. When needed a list of additional materials will be provided a week before each session.

Session 1/6 Wednesday 15.11
Lecture 1: Introduction on the fundamentals of looking in relation to representation
Experiment 1: Perspective Machine

A pencil, a ruler, a triangular ruler, a digital camera or smartphone