Year 1+2: Film screening + art / film history

Thursday 02.11. film screening at 10.00 sharp | room 0.56

Man with a Movie Camera  (1929)
directed by Dziga Vertov and edited by Elizaveta Svilova. 
'named the 8th film ever made'

Of all the cinematic trailblazers to emerge during the early years of the Soviet Union – Sergei Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Lev Kuleshov – Dziga Vertov (né Denis Arkadievitch Kaufman, 1896–1954) was the most radical. Whereas Eisenstein – as seen in that film school standard Battleship Potemkin – used montage editing to create new ways of telling a story, Vertov dispensed with story altogether. He loathed fiction films. “The film drama is the Opium of the people,” he wrote. “Down with Bourgeois fairy-tale scenarios…long live life as it is!” He called for the creation of a new kind of cinema free of the counter-revolutionary baggage of Western movies. A cinema that captured real life.

After lunch at 13.30 you will have art-film history class with Elvira | meeting in room 0.56


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