Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 4: Tue Oct 10 and Thu Oct 12

Assignment for coming Thursday
- Concept for viral campaign (for our department Moving Image?)

Keep in mind:
- What is the purpose of your campaign?
- How should it work? Where do you start and why? Which channels do you use?
- What is the desired outcome? Is it informative for your audience or is it to take action? Should audience share or participate?

- Present the work itself or have a good visual explanation
- Create an overview (infographic) on your assumption how your viral campaign works: how might the campaign spread? How did you influence this in your concept design?

For your reading pleasure: “session 4 – Viralmarketing.pdf” by Niklas Odén and Richard Stålnacke Larsson from Institutionen för Informatik, UMEA, is sent to you by e-mail.

Looking forward to your results!


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