Year 1: art film (hist)story - on revolution

 Thursday 19.10 at 10.00 filmscreenig | room 0.56

Battleship Potemkin 1925 Soviet silent film directed by Sergei Eisenstein and produced by Mosfilm. It presents a dramatized version of the mutiny that occurred in 1905 when the crew of the Russian battleship Potemkin rebelled against their officers.

14.30 visit ArtEZ studium generale Revolt: Nadja Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot), lecture and Q & A

Nadja Tolokonnikova is a rebel through and through. She rose to fame as a member of the punk band Pussy Riot. Their punk songs were an indictment of Poetin and the Church. In 2012 the band members were arrested for ‘subversive provocations’. 
Nadja ended up spending two years in a labour camp in Mordovia. This punishment failed to silence her. On the contrary, based on her diary notes from the labour camp, she wrote the book entitled ‘How to start a Revolution’, a kind of manifesto for the present day revolutionary. 
Her 200th tip for the aspiring rebel is: ‘if you want change, get off your ass and do something. It’s self-service here’. Nadja will give a lecture about her drive and experiences. And she will provide tips on how to become a Pussy Riot yourself. 

The lecture will be followed by an interview with students, conducted by students, with Chris Keulemans in the chair. Location ArtEZ conservatorium Van Essengaarde 10 7511 PN Enschede


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