Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 3rd Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
08.09.17 / FRI 10.00 / Room: 0.53

Our third meeting will start with watching your camera practice films. Bring them fully finished as a film on flash-drive (you cannot plug in your computer and show an editing software timeline). We will discuss your shots altogether and you will be graded in class. 

After the camera practice films, you will start working on your 1-min projects. Bring your synopsis(Maximum half page of A4). It should be printed; again showing on a computer screen or written on a notebook page will not be accepted. 

We will have a moodboard workshop. You will also start designing your light assignment at this workshop. Do not forget to bring visual material that is related your project (photos, coloured pencils, etc) for the moodboard. 

After lunch, we would start working on storyboarding.


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