Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 2: Tue Sep 12 and Thu Sep 14

The assignment for coming Thursday:

Pick a topic you care about. This can be about politics, culture, environment, health, education, society, as long as you care about the topic and you feel others should care too.

For your topic you will create a concept. The concept may be a commercial, an event, an artwork, any medium is possible. It can be promotional, raising awareness or starting up a discussion.

Here you have some inspirational videos:
Nature is speaking, Conservation International, 2014

Batman, Warchild, 2016

Anti-traffiking, Stop the Traffik, 2012

Ice Watch, Olafur Eliasson, several locations since 2014

All that we share, TV2 Danmark, 2017

Looking forward to the presentations on Thursday!


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