Year 2+3: Take a chance at the Go Short film festival Nijmegen

24 November 2017 for all films completed on or after 1 June 2017 
22 December 2017 for films that have been completed in November or December 2017

The Go Short festival team has started preparing its tenth edition, which will take place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Go Short is the only Dutch film festival that screens short films exclusively. For five days around 300 short films are screened in various locations. Besides screenings there are exhibitions, workshops, performances, parties and more! We are now accepting new film submissions for our various competitions.

All shorts completed after 1 December 2016 are eligible to compete in our competition. We will be selecting films for our European, Dutch and Student Competitions. Competitions and awards Go Short accepts short films in all genres for its competition programs (animation, documentary, fiction/live-action and experimental/art film). Films that are selected for the European Competition are eligible for the Go Short Award for Best Short in each genre.

The national short films will be competing for the Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short. The awarded fiction and animation films in the European Competition and the Best Dutch Short also receive an Academy Award Qualifier. One of the student films will be awarded with the Go Short Encouragement Award for Best European Student Short. Besides the awards per competition, all films will also be in the running for the Go Short Audience Award, which will be chosen by the audience during the festival. // In 2017 the total award money amounted to €15.000.

Entry fee 
All films will be screened by professional curators and programmers. In order to ensure the quality of the selection process we charge an entry fee of 6,50 euro per film. (Will be payed by the AKI if submitting a student work)

Films must be completed after 1 December 2016 // The maximum running time is 30 minutes // The origin of the film must be (geographical) Europe, the director is European or the film was mainly financed by a European country Requested materials for entry. // A completed online entry form. A printed version is not required. // A Vimeo link to the film with the download option enabled. The link has to stay active till February 2018. We don’t accept file transfers, Google Drive or Dropbox links to watch the entries.

To enter your film, visit:

Year 4: Library New Arrivals

Alastair Phillips and Julian Stringer eds., Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts, 2007

Jay McRoy, Nightmare Japan, Contemporary Japanese Horror Cinema, 2008 

Gabrielle Jennings ed. Abstract Video: The Moving Image in Contemporary Art, 2015 

Salomé Voegelin, Listening to Noise and Silence Towards a Philosophy of Sound Art , 2010 

Year 1+2+3: mentor meeting with Katharina

If you like to speak with Katharina please make an appointment over mail. 

Katharina is availabe Wednesdays to speak over skype and Fridays for personal meetings at the AKI. Days of absence will be announced.

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I Filming Day

29.09.17 / FRI FULL-DAY / Anywhere

Students will be filming their main projects on this day. All filming must finish before the Editing Class on 4 October. Wish you all a comfortable set. See you on 4 October. 

Also, do not forget to finish your editing assignment by 4 October. (Kuleshov Effect 1 with three examples, POV with at least two different inserts, Intellectual Montage, and one example of Cutting on Action. Please try to be creative.) We will watch them together and then everybody will work their own project. 

year 3: lectures Bert Teunissen

Here the data for the meetings with Bert Teunissen 
Meeting: hal first flor

10 October - afternoon
17 October - all day
31 October - all day
14 November - all day
21 November - afternoon
05 December - afternoon
09 Januari - all day


year 1: film screeing + art-film history

Thursday 05.10. film screening at 10.30 sharp | room 0.56

'With Hugo, the fantasy is very real, but it’s in your head and in your heart. It has to do with the mechanisms — whether it’s the clocks, the interiors, the locomotives, the trains, the automaton — with the inner workings of these objects.' 

Read the New York Times Magazine article here

After lunch at 13.30 you will have art-film history class with Elvira | meeting in room 0.56

Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 3: Tue Sep 26 and Thu Sep 28

The assignment for coming Thursday:

Present a conceptvideo on “opposites”
¬ Video preferably no longer than 20 seconds
¬ Outcome can be video, stop motion, animation, image slideshow
¬ No use of words/texts/sound (unless it was naturally recorded)
¬ How would you present “opposites” at best? Think of split screen, use of two seperate screens, etc.
¬ Make it fun!!! Or serious…

Looking forward to your results!

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 7th Meeting

Lecturers and Instructors: Jan + Nur 

27.09.17 / WED 12.30 / Room: 0.53

In our 7th meeting, we will firstly discuss the sound usage in The Artist (2011) and then watch your sound assignments together. 

Afterwards, we will go through some advanced editing topics together and you will practice filming and editing in the afternoon. Do not forget to bring your cameras for the filming part. 

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I Film Screening

27.09.17 / WED 10.00 / Room: 0.53
Film screening: The Artist (2011)

The screening begins at 10.00 sharp. You will watch The Artist (2011)

It is a film by Michel Hazanavicius.

"A silent movie star meets a young dancer, but the arrival of talking pictures sends their careers in opposite directions." (IMDB)

Please study it regarding sound usage in film. We will discuss about it later in the afternoon, in the Advanced Filmmaking class. 

Afwezig van 26 september tot 4 oktober

From 24th september untill 4th of october I will be out of office. I' ll reply at your messages at the latest within 3 working days. Thursday 5 october you' ll find me at ArtEZ-Arnhem and for urgent matters I am available at friday 6 october. Making an appointment is possible through the webloket.

year 3: mentor meeting

with Ina | Tuesday 26.09. at 13.30 moving image room 0.54


Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 6th Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
22.09.17 / FRI 10.00 / Room: 0.53
In the morning session, there will be an introduction to sound in cinema. The students will receive their sound assignments.

In the afternoon, we will go over your 1-min project storyboards. They will be graded. This is the deadline for your final storyboards: Undelivered assignments will receive the lowest grade and you will not have any feedback. Do not send the electronic version, bring your storyboard to class on paper, so that we can discuss it thoroughly together. Also, do not forget to insert one 180-degree jump and one Jump-cut into your films. 

Donderdag 21/09 afwezig

Olav Wissink ( studentendecaan ) vandaag ( 21/09 )  op ArtEZ Arnhem en bereikbaar per mail.Vrijdag van 10 tot 1400 uur op het Conservatorium. Een afspraak plannen gaat makkelijk en snel via het webloket. 

1/2/3/4: Daan Roosegaarde in stadhuis Arnhem

Volgende week dinsdag (26 september) geeft Daan Roosegaarde ivm de Gelderse Einsteinweek een talk in het stadhuis in Arnhem. Voor de AKI zijn 25 plekken gereserveerd, dus wie wil meld je snel aan.

Sluiting aanmelden vrijdag a.s. om 10.00
Voor meer info zie de website

Year 1: Filmposter + 3ME

Tuesday sept 19th: viewing the outcome of the filmposter and working on the 3ME image.

Year 2: Multicamera edit

Monday sept 18th: Viewing the outcome of the Multicamera edit.

Year 1 | film screening + art film history

Thursday 21.09. film screening begins at 10.30 sharp | room 0.56 

You will see Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927)

Although many sci-fi films followed, none have had the lasting, seemingly self-regenerating appeal of Fritz Lang's silent classic – perhaps because, after its Berlin premiere in 1927, it is arguable that no authoritative version of it has ever really been established. 

read full articel here 

After lunch at 13.30 you will have art - film history with Elvira | meeting in room 0.56

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 5th Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
15.09.17 / FRI 10.00 / Room: 0.53
In the morning session, the students will show their project moodboards and light assignments and they will be graded. We will discuss and brainstorm over them together. Afterwards, there will be a lecture on editing. 

In the afternoon, the students will continue working on storyboards and shotmaps, they will also learn to make shotlist. There will be a peer-review activity over project scripts and storyboard drafts. 

- Do not forget to send your moodboard to me before the class. 
- Also send or bring on a flash drive, an electronic (jpeg) copy of your light assignment
- Work on the storyboard assignment and bring it to class. 
- Additionally, bring your film script and storyboard draft for the peer-review. 

Year 3 | mentor meeting

with Katharina | Friday 15.09. at 10.00 | meeting room 0.54
  • please bring your laptop and the books you have found about your research project. 
  • For your project 5.1 please bring the answers to the questionaire. Prepare a brief presentation about your project so far.  

Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 2: Tue Sep 12 and Thu Sep 14

The assignment for coming Thursday:

Pick a topic you care about. This can be about politics, culture, environment, health, education, society, as long as you care about the topic and you feel others should care too.

For your topic you will create a concept. The concept may be a commercial, an event, an artwork, any medium is possible. It can be promotional, raising awareness or starting up a discussion.

Here you have some inspirational videos:
Nature is speaking, Conservation International, 2014

Batman, Warchild, 2016

Anti-traffiking, Stop the Traffik, 2012

Ice Watch, Olafur Eliasson, several locations since 2014

All that we share, TV2 Danmark, 2017

Looking forward to the presentations on Thursday!

Year 1 | module technique

Technique with Aalt | Friday 15.09. meeting at 10.00 at the studio

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 4th Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Gijs Dierselhuis and Nur Özgenalp

13.09.17 / TUE 10.00 / Room: 0.53 + Studio

In our 4th meeting, we will be working on film lighting. After 1-hour lecture, we will have a workshop with Gijs Dierselhuis in the studio. The students will practice basic and creative lighting tools and work on their light assignment.

Do not forget to bring materials that you need for designing your light assignment

Year 2: Viewing the 3ME scene

Monday 11 sept. at 13:30 in classroom 1.31.
First we will view the results of the 3ME scene.
Continue with technical instructions and exercises.

Year 1: Working with the studio photo's

11th September - Working with the images of the studio photography.
Classroom 1.31 at 9:30.

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 3rd Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
08.09.17 / FRI 10.00 / Room: 0.53

Our third meeting will start with watching your camera practice films. Bring them fully finished as a film on flash-drive (you cannot plug in your computer and show an editing software timeline). We will discuss your shots altogether and you will be graded in class. 

After the camera practice films, you will start working on your 1-min projects. Bring your synopsis(Maximum half page of A4). It should be printed; again showing on a computer screen or written on a notebook page will not be accepted. 

We will have a moodboard workshop. You will also start designing your light assignment at this workshop. Do not forget to bring visual material that is related your project (photos, coloured pencils, etc) for the moodboard. 

After lunch, we would start working on storyboarding.

Aanwezigheid decanaat

Olav Wissink ( studentendecaan ) is donderdag 7 september afwezig. Afspraken inplannen kan makkelijk en snel via het ‘webloket’ op IntraNet.

Maandagmiddag 11 september aanwezig op de AKI.


Olav Wissink ( studentcounsellor ) is out of office coming Thursday ( 7th of september ). Planning an appointment is easy through the ‘webloket’ at IntraNet.

Monday-afternoon, 11 september, present at the AKI.


Year 1 module technique

Technique with Aalt |  Friday 08.09. at 10.00 | meeting at the fotostudio 

Year 1/2/3 mentor meeting

Dear all, 

hopefully you had a good start and are finding your (work-) rhythm! 

If you wish to speak with me about your study or discuss your work, I will be available for a skype meeting on Wednesday 13.09. or a meeting at the AKI on Friday the 15.09. For making an appointment please contact me over mail.

I wish you all a pleasant and fruitful day!

With warm regards, 

1/2/3: Student Cards

 The Student Cards 2017-18 are now available at the reception (9.00 - 12.30h)!

3/4: BIOMATTERS artistic research program 2017/2018

With the new biotechnologies such as cloning, tissue engineering, DNA editing and the research on microbiome our old understanding of what is life and living bodies, nature and culture have stopped having any fixed meaning and relevance. Artists known as bioartists and biodesigners have begun to use living matter as a form of visual speculation but also hands-on manipulation, actively participating in shaping an understanding of what life is and what living bodies might be and do. In other words, rather than representing the reality, bioartists invent a reality. AKI BIO MATTERs artistic research program follows bioart’s movement to learn how to think and create when your medium is alive.

Lecturer: Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko

Student limit: Students from all mediums, Fine Arts, Crossmedia Design, Moving Image and external students are all encouraged to attend. There is a limit of 15 participants!

Registration: Options: Fall semester: Project 7EC

Spring semester: Project 7EC or Minor 15EC

Questions concerning participation should be discussed with the head of department and mentor first! Registration: mail to by the 20th of September

Year 2 | Software instruction

Monday sept. 4th > start at 13:30 in classroom 1.31 with Software.

Year 1 | Viewing and instruction

Monday sept. 4th > Viewing our first assignment 'The Interview'
and continue with the Adobe Premiere instruction.

year 1 | film screening + art/film history

Thursday 07.09. film screening begins at 10.30 sharp | room 0.56  

You will see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a 1919/20 German silent horror film, directed by Robert Wiene and written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer.

After lunch at 13.30 you will have your first art/film history session with Elvira | meeting in room 0.56