48 hour film project Rotterdam

Spread the word - it is happening! The AKI moving image team takes on the challenge of the 48 HFP Rotterdam!!! https//www.48hourfilm.com/en/rotterdam

If you are interested please mail or WhatsApp Wouter and Anne, so that they can put the crew together. 

Essential information:
Wednesday 9. August
20.00 - 21.30 in Rotterdam Network meeting with the other film teams. Yeahh … a bunch of filmmakers meeting for a drink! Nur and I will go. If you are interested to come along mail Katharina
Tuesday 22. August

approx. 17.00 meeting of the entire crew (!) of the AKI Moving Image team signing the official papers at the AKI
Friday 25. August

18.00 - 19.00 kick-off event Rotterdam (Katharina will represent you there) you go to work with Nur at the AKI
Sunday 27. August

by 19.30 to be on time Drop off Event Rotterdam
Thursday 31. August

21.30 Public Screening of your film in Lantaren Venster Rotterdam. A real fine location! http://www.lantarenvenster.nl/36-6095-48_Hour_Film_Project   Wa have 2 student tickets for now. If you want to be at the screening let Katharina know a.s.a.p. The tickets are always quickly sold out.


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