Year 1 : Lunch meeting

Message for all foreign students in the 1st year!

On Monday 4 September from 12.30-13.30 we have a lunch meeting planned for all foreign students with Marri-Jane Thurnim and Olav Wissink.
Aim is that we get to know each other a little better and to see with which matters we can help you with.

Meeting place: Reception.
Time: 12.30 - 13.30
Sandwiches and drinks will be there.

See you on Monday!

Regards, Minka, Marri-Jane, Olav

year 3 | kick off project 5.1

Friday 01.09.  at 13.30 | room 0.53 

Unfortunately we had a cancellation. Due to a schedule conflict Wim is not available. On Friday at 13.30 you will receive details about your project 5.1.

Year1: First lesson Technique

Wednesday 30 August we have our first lessons on technique in classroom 1.31 at 9:30.

The AKI Moving Image team made it on time!

Congratulations to the directors, cast and crew of the AKI Moving Image Team: Anne, Wouter, Mohamed, Mona, Valérie, Stefanie, Ben, Laurynas, Stefanie, Lotte and Nur.

Year 2 | Advanced Filmmaking I 1st Meeting

Lecturer and Instructor: Nur Özgenalp
29.08.17 / TUE 10.00 / Room: 0.53

Our first meeting will be an introduction to decoupage. After going through the class schedule and assignments the students will start learning the basics of storyboarding and practice filming accordingly. 

Do not miss the first class! Each class will be building the other one and to complete your assignments, you have to follow all the sessions in the series. We will already start filming in the second half of the day and you will be responsible for handing in your practice-films at the beginning of third class. 

year 1 | Concept for All

Concept for All | with Dave | Tuesday 29.08 at 10.00 | room 0.56

Year 3 | thesis programme

First session with Lot | Tuesday 29.08 at 10:00 | room 0.54

Year 1/2/3 course schedule

The course schedule for fall 2017 is online 

>>> download here semester 1 year 1 

>>> download here semester 3 year 2 

>>> download here semester 5 year 3

Year 1 | info meeting

Info meeting with Katharina | Thursday 24.08. at 10.00 hrs. | room 0.53 

AKI NOMADS ; Schedule

48 hour film project Rotterdam

Spread the word - it is happening! The AKI moving image team takes on the challenge of the 48 HFP Rotterdam!!! https//

If you are interested please mail or WhatsApp Wouter and Anne, so that they can put the crew together. 

Essential information:
Wednesday 9. August
20.00 - 21.30 in Rotterdam Network meeting with the other film teams. Yeahh … a bunch of filmmakers meeting for a drink! Nur and I will go. If you are interested to come along mail Katharina
Tuesday 22. August

approx. 17.00 meeting of the entire crew (!) of the AKI Moving Image team signing the official papers at the AKI
Friday 25. August

18.00 - 19.00 kick-off event Rotterdam (Katharina will represent you there) you go to work with Nur at the AKI
Sunday 27. August

by 19.30 to be on time Drop off Event Rotterdam
Thursday 31. August

21.30 Public Screening of your film in Lantaren Venster Rotterdam. A real fine location!   Wa have 2 student tickets for now. If you want to be at the screening let Katharina know a.s.a.p. The tickets are always quickly sold out.