1+2: Important - Retake !

Lecturer: Katharina | Date: Tuesday 16.05. | Begin: 13.30 

Philosophy - Deleuze and Foucault

The best way to prepare yourself is by reading the texts thoroughly. Try to answer the questions we spoke about already. Bring your reader for the exam, so that you can work with it. In the exam, you will have to find the crucial paragraphs in the texts and indicate the page number. Please try to answer the question in your own words. I want to find out if you understood the topic. You will have plenty of time. We will begin at 13.30 and you will have time until 15.50.

Important: To successfully finish the year, you need to have at least a sufficient outcome in this course. Do not underestimate the exam it does count for 50% of the course grade.

Montage Theory

I offer an oral exam for the students who did not pass the course yet. We will meet with the others at 13.30 and start around 13.45. The exam will take 15 minutes. The best way to prepare yourself is by reading Eisenstein’s texts thoroughly. Inform yourself about Eisenstein and his montage styles. Please bring your own work on a flash drive!


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