Moving Image Béla Tarr Excursion

21.04.17 Fri 13.00

First-year and second-year students of the Moving Image will visit Béla Tarr Exhibition at EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam on Friday.

13.00 Meeting at the Panorama (downstairs) and playing with cinematic toys.
14.00 Entering the Béla Tarr Exhibition. More information on the exhibition at the EYE webpage.
15.30 Conversations over Béla Tarr's cinema over afternoon tea and coffee.
17.00 Watching a film together. (Optional) Please check the EYE agenda and Imagine Film Festival program.
19.00 End of the program.

Do not forget to bring your museumcards and cineville cards. Please collect all your tickets for reimbursement. Students will buy their own tickets and submit a form to be reimbursed by AKI ArtEZ afterwards. You will receive the travel and museum entrance costs.
This excursion is part of the grading system. You have to participate in both the exhibition visit and conversation. Students who cannot come, please hand in your substitute assignments as soon as possible (if you had not already done so).

Looking forward to seeing you all in Amsterdam on Friday! Have a nice trip.



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