Finals: Narration (1st years) and Advanced Filmmaking (2nd years)


18.04.17 Tue 11.00 / 13.00

The time of the Finals arrived. Both classes will present their final work and hand in all their assignments as an electronic copy. Please bring your assignments and films, organised in folders, such as

N. Ozgenalp -
1. Convention and false expectation,
2. Repetition and contrast,



N. Ozgenalp -
1. Kuleshov effect 1,
2. Kuleshov effect 2,
3. Intellectual montage,

1st years, 11.00

All the students will present their video essays. Each student will have 10 minutes (5 min presentation, 5 min discussion time).

2nd years, 13.00

All the student will present their subverted trailers. Each student will have 15 minutes (5 min presentation, 10 min discussion time).

For the details of your assignments, check your syllabus. All the information needed exists there.

PS: Students who would not be able to come to the Bela Tarr Excursion must also bring their substitute assignments in their folder.


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