Enquete medezeggenschap

Dear students,

At the moment, the three of us, Britt de Vries (former member of the Institute Council, alumna Docent Dans), Loes Eggink (former member of the Subcouncil Theatre & Dance, alumna Dance in Education) and Fabienne Balvers (fourth year BEAR student and member of its Education Committee) are working on a project concerning students and participation (right of say).

At the request of the Board of Governors we have set up an ArtEZ-wide investigation into the participation of students in the discussions concerning education and organisation. This research was instagated in the context of awareness and visibility of the excisting forms of participation at ArtEZ. As a student, obviously it is important that you are satisfied with the quality of the education you receive here. It would be even better if you actually have a say in it!  

We would like to find out what you know about participation at ArtEZ and what you have to say about it. Please click the link below to immediately start filling in our short survey (which will cost you about 5 minutes). You can do this on your mobile or tablet as well.

Soon, we will be visiting your location. We’d love to speak to you there and will also offer you the posibility to fill in the questionnaire right there and then. 
Thank you for your cooperation.

Britt de Vries, Loes Eggink, Fabienne Balver


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