Year 2: Scenario/Transfer - Finals!

Lecturer: Nur Özgenalp | Date: 24 November 2016, Thu 13.30.

Congratulations! You made it. I am looking forward to watching your films.

All the students will present their work in 10 minutes and afterwards there will be a 10 minutes Q&A for each project. 

Your presentations should include:
  1. Your moodboard work.
  2. One photo or footage from our filming day, preferably directed by you. You will talk over your work.
  3. Your final one-minute film. After viewing it together, there will be Q&A.

Everyone will have 5 min moodboard and photo/footage presentation time + 5 min of film viewing and film presentation time + 10 min Q&A time (20 min in total).

Bring a copy of your films on a flash-drive. Bring one high quality photo camera for presentation and moodboard shootings (One camera would be enough for all the projects.)


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