Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking 6/6 – FINAL PRESENTATION

Lecturers: Sjoerd & Elodie Course: Project 01 Date: Thurs. 10.11. | Begin: 10.30 hrs Exhibition: opening Thurs. 10.11 | 15.30-16.30 hrs | on view up to OPEN DAY on 19.11

Henry Matisse working from his studio-bed
Dear all,

As you know you will present the results of your experiments this week on Thursday Nov. 10th in a public exhibition that will be on view up to Open Day on Nov. 19th. 
We will use the whole day (10.11) to review, select and install your works. 
Please be on time as there is much to do!

10.30-11.30: Review of the project results and documentation material
11.30-12.00: plan for installation of the works
12.00-12.45: lunch break
12.45-15.30: installation exhibition
15.30-16.30: opening exhibition
from 17.00:   Movie night

1. Choose one or more of your previous experiments to rework, finish and/or perfect for the presentation. This final work will be reviewed along with all your experiments.  
2. Collect all your output of the previous sessions for review (sketches, prototypes, videos, photo’s of the making process). Gather as much as possible on the MI server (digital files) and in the MI room (material stuff).
3. Prepare a short written description of the experiments you will present, to be used in the exhibition.
4. Already discuss ideas to present your works in the exhibition. Location is the whole staircase, right of the canteen + the small Zoutkelder space below. 
5. Tasks distribution:
  • Mohamed collects and makes a loop of all the video’s, clustered by experiment and with title/maker’s name. The edited final video will have to be on an SD card for the presentation on video monitor.
  • Cris makes an A3 poster to announce the presentation and hang throughout the building.
  • Bogdana collects the description texts of the presented works.
  • > we'll print out the photo’s we made of your working process
  • > we'll prepare an introduction text about the whole project for the exhibition. 
  • > we’ll announce the presentation on FB and on the blog.
Finally, some of the works you realized with Leo will be included in the exhibition (video’s and workbooks). Leo will contact you about that.

Good luck with putting the last hand to your experiments!
We look forward seeing the results.

Elodie & Sjoerd


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