Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking (3/6)

Lecturers: Sjoerd & Elodie
Course: Project 01
Date: Mon 31.10. | Begin: 10.30 hrs

Ikko Narahara, West 44th Street from Broadway, New York (1973-1974)


Short presentations (10 min each):
- Inverse/ Reverse perspective: Valérie + Tim

- Drone-view perspective: Cris + Fabian

- Google streetview: Bogdana + Mohamed

- Photogrammetry: Jolein + Anne

- Aerial/ Atmospheric perspective: Rutger + Wouter

Lecture 3: On Alternative Perspectives 

Experiment 3: Para-photographic object


Your own digital camera (or borrow one at Warrie's), drawing gear, ruler + stanley knife.

Year 2: Scenario/Transfer

Lecturer: Nur Özgenalp | Date: 31 October 2016, Monday 13.30 - 16.30. 

Dear all,

In our third meeting, we will work on our synopsises and create a moodboard for them.

For this class, please start writing 200 words synopsis of your City Project. Additionally, please bring visual material (magazines, photos, colour palettes, etc) to work on your moodboard. We will be working with our hands. I will bring papers, glue and scissors, but you are also welcome to bring your own. 

Rules of the game
- Make a 1-minute film (excluding beginning and ending titles)
it can be fiction, documentary or video-art
- No dialogue or monologue (meaning no voice-over narrator)
- No music
- Use moving images and sound.

Year 1: Viewing

The viewing of the remaining results of our first software sessions will be on Tuesday Nov. 8th,
after lunch en before we start with the Sound Design lecture in classroom 0.56.

Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking – Assignment

Dear students,

In the context of the course you will work in duo's on a 10 min. presentation about one of the following topics (as agreed on during class) to be given om Monday morning Oct. 31.
Please prepare an informative presentation including images and an edited text. 

- Inverse/ Reverse perspective: Valérie + Tim
- Drone-view perspective: Cris + Fabian
- Google streetview: Bogdana + Mohamed
- Photogrammetry: Jolein + Anne
- Aerial/ Atmospheric perspective: Rutger + Wouter

Looking forward!

image catcher

toms silke (3rd semester 2016)

Year 1 + 2: Excursion De Hallen, Haarlem + Foam, Amsterdam

Lecturers: Sjoerd & Elodie
Excursion: De Hallen, Haarlem + Foam, Amsterdam
Date: Fri 18.11. | Meetingpoint: 11.00 hrs, entrance De Hallen in Haarlem 

(We meet a bit earlier in Haarlem as you will all be in Amsterdam already on Thursday for Leo's Idfa program)

Meiro Koizumi, installation, Today My Empire Sings, 2016
We will visit the following exhibitions:

De Hallen, Haarlem
Meiro Koizumi – Today My Empire Sings
Cecil B. Evans – What the Heart Wants 

Foam, Amsterdam
Melanie Bonajo – Night Soil 

€4 student price at De Hallen + €7.50 student price / €6 CJP at Foam

How to get there 

Train from Amsterdam Central Station leaves at 10.27 hrs
Train from Enschede to Amsterdam Station Zuid leaves at 9.16 hrs

Year 2: Collecting Sounds

Record as many sounds as possible | Use the Zoom h2n | Archive the sounds in Adobe Bridge | Sorting and renaming the sounds |

Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking (1/6)

Lecturers: Sjoerd & Elodie
Course: Project 01
Date: Mon 17.10. | Begin: 10.15 hrs (train delay!) | End 17.00 hrs

Photographer Bernard Sury focuses a camera on cave paintings at Lascaux, 1947

Questioning the idea of photography as a window to a reality beyond the camera is the underlying theme of this course. We are so used to understand the world through photographic images that we often forget the inherent ambiguities of the lens-based image. During six sessions we will explore the visual representation of space through different empirical and scientific methods as well as artistic and philosophical concepts. We will investigate the precise role of looking and discuss alternative ways of image-making that escape the fixed program of the photographic apparatus.

Each session will begin with a lecture centered on one topic followed by an experimental assignment to be conducted during class. Throughout the course we will give you feedback and monitor the making process. We will close each session with a short presentation and a discussion of each other's experiments and analyse how images and theoretical concepts influence each other. The final session will include a small public exhibition of all your experiments in the academy building.

Assignment outline
The assignments will be based on the 'Theoria cum Praxis' principle of Leibniz in which theory is always combined with practice and vice versa. Through this 'learning by doing' (or 'body learning') each assignment aims to be an empirical experiment or a test for a specific question about perception, representation, the experience of space, virtuality and physicality. For all these assignments you will need a (digital) photo camera. When needed a list of additional materials will be provided a week before each session.

Session 1 Mon 17.10
Lecture 1: Introduction on the fundamentals of looking in relation to representation
Experiment 1: Perspective Machine

A pencil, a ruler, a triangular ruler, a digital camera or smartphone 

Year 1+2: Schedule update

  • Year 1+2: Elodie & Sjoerd plan to visit two exhibitions within the Netherlands. Dates still need to be confirmed!
  • Year 1+2: An additional course day with Leo Friday 04. November

Year 1: Photography Final Assessment

Lecturer: Leo | Date: Wed 19.10. | Begin: 10.00 hrs

Final Assessment Part One!
Bring all your work!

The fully updated work book: 
  • In the work book all photographers/artist that we discussed during classes are present with at least a few pictures, biographical dates like birth/death et cetera and most important: some lines about their role in art history and their relation to your development. (What did you learn from them?) 
  • There will be pages in the book in which you go more in depth into the lives and works of photographers who have your special attention. 
  • The work book also contains a visual documentation of all your own work, step by step. You show a relation between the work you study and the work you create yourself. 
  • There will also be pages with documentation about the painting/artwork you chose at the Rijksmuseum in preparation to your film.
You bring two films:
  • The 20 year project. (You show the last version. Documentation about the work process will be in your workbook.) 
  • The art work from the Rijksmuseum: In this short film you will tell an aspect of your relation to the art work you chose during our visit to the Rijksmuseum. Please make sure that you are fully prepared. After showing the film you will be able the answer all sorts of questions from your fellow students and me about the artist and the work. (Not all of that has to be in the film ;) ) You make clear what choices you made and why.
At the end of this presentation you will get a pass or fail.

In the first week of November we will meet again and evaluate the learning process. On this day you'll have to show how you continued your visual/word work process independently. On this day you get a mark. (When we get back together next year, your work books have to be alive as a daily working tool, also when I am not around.) This is also the day for re-assessment for those who got a fail on the 19th. They will have to give a full presentation again.

Year 2: Sound design

Lecturer: Jan | Date: 18. - 19. - 20. October | Begin: Tue 18.10. at 10.00 hrs | Sessions about sound design | Location: classroom 0.56. | Please take along a note book.

Year 2: Scenario/Transfer

Lecturer: Nur Özgenalp | Date: 17 October 2016, Monday 13.30 - 16.30. 

The program of the first meeting is as follows:
- Getting to know each other.
- Introduction to the class program. 
- Introduction to Audio-Visual Storytelling. 

For this class, all you have to do is bring you notebooks and/or laptops with you. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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bogdana alexandrescu & valérie theuns (1st semester 2016)

Year 1+2 : Feedback & Film Screening

Feedback on the presentations: Valérie 10.00 | Bogdana 10.15 | Toms 10.30 | Jolein 10.45 | Cris 11.00 | Mohamed 11.15 | Tim 11.30 | Celina 11.45 | Sanne 12.00 | Wouter 12.15 | Anne 12.30

Film screening 3 choices: 13.30 hrs.

Year 1+2: History of Moving Image

Lecturer: Katharina | Date: Thurs. 12.10. | Begin: 10.00 hrs 

Student Presentations & Discussion: 15 Presentations in a length of ca. 15 min. Every student will present a film excerpt or moving image sequence.

Network - The Grand Budapest Hotel - Girl, interrupted - We need to talk about Kevin - La Haine - Caroline – Chronicle – Snowpiercer  - A separation - Stalker - Triumph des Willens - Lola rennt - The Passenger - Equilibrium - Requiem for a dream.

Year 1+2: History of Moving Image

Lecturer: Katharina 
Date: Wed 12.10. Begin: 10.00 hrs 

Work-time: How to write an essay? You will get advice and help. Then you will have to work on your assignment. You have to analyze a sequence of moving images and/or a film excerpt. Everyone has to write a text and prepare visual material for a 10-15 min long presentations on Thursday. template for your text  >>download

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Anne Eugelink (1st semester 2016)

Year 1+2: History of Moving Image

Lecturer: Katharina 
Date: Mo 10.10 - Fr 14.10.16 
Begin: Mo 10.10. at 10.30 hrs 

On Reality and Materiality in Cinema and Moving Image: A whole week programme full with lectures, film screenings, presentations and dicsussions.

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Melinda Tang (3rd semester 2016)

Year 1+2: Please watch ...

Lecturer: Katharina | Movie obligatory to watch: 
Ida |  Paweł Pawlikowski  | 2014 | Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, Oscars 2015 Winner.

Poland, 1962. Anna, an orphan brought up by nuns in the convent, is a novice. She has to see Wanda, the only living relative, before she takes her vows. Wanda tells Anna about her Jewish roots. Both women start a journey not only to find their family's tragic story, but to see who they really are and where they belong. They question what they used to believe in.