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Timothy Valeton (1st semester 2016)

Year 1+2: Lecture and Workshop with Filip van Dingenen | AKI Deleuze Cluster

Date: Tuesday 27. Sept. | Lecture: 10.00 h | Workshop: 11.00 - 15.00 h

This cluster of events dedicated to the work of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze unites scholars, philosophers, students and artists. >>AKI Deleuze Cluster | THE KICK OFF Lecture Performance Workshop | Monday 26. September 2016 | 12:00 - 14.00 h | Lecture/Performance Practicing Care by Prof.Dr. Julieanna Preston | Open to all | Tuesday 27. September 2016 | 10:00 Lecture Filip van Dingenen | 11:30 - 15:00 Workshop 8 Avatars of Time Filip van Dingenen | Open to 15-20 students.

Year 1: Final assignment

Make a movie with the concept of a maze or labyrinth.

  • Edit according to the Fibonacci principle.
  • Delete the original sounds and import sounds that will correspond the visuals
  • Make an intro/title and credits
  • Duration about 1 minute
  • Make an A3 poster in Illustrator for a promo for this movie
  • Take a still of the movie for the artwork
Software: Adobe Premiere / After Effects / Illustrator | Use the weekend for filming | Monday 26. September editing in the classroom.

Year 1+2: Department Meeting

Lecturer: Katharina
Date: Fr. 16. Sept at 10.00 h

Figure 1.
Schematic embodied decision-making scenario. Dotted line arrows indicate possible paths for the mouse to move between obstacles depicted by shaded rectangles. Solid curves indicate the distribution of potential directions at three points in time. At point (a), the distribution can be averaged into a single central direction. At point (b) the distribution begins to separate, but averaging is still possible. At point (c), however, the average is no longer a viable direction and a decision must be made between directions to the right or left.

Year 1+2: Philosophy

Lecturer: Lot
Date: Wed 14.09. | Year 1 - Begin: 10.00 h | Year 2 - Begin: 13.30 h

This Wednesday you will have your first of ten sessions in Philosophy. By studying philosophical literature, you will gain knowledge and learn to reflect on theoretical problems. This course will introduce influential ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle and familiarize you with the significant work of modernist thinkers like Descartes, Spinoza and Kant. Besides that, you will exercise the classical philosophical dialogue, which means you will actively work with philosophical concepts and ideas and formulate your own questions. Aim of this course is to open your mind, to help you to clarify your own thoughts and express them in written form.

Year 1 & 2: Montage Theory

Lecturer: Katharina
Date: Tue 13.09. | Year 1 - Begin: 10.00 h | Year 2 - Begin: 13.30 h

The course entails 5 sessions which will introduce you to Image- and Montage Theory and familiarise you with the necessary terminology to speak about images. We will discuss (moving) images with regard to their intensities as well as their significant meanings. Images should not merely be read by decoding signs but also recognised in their materiality and texture. You will develop a vocabulary to speak about various aspects of image assemblages and film montages.

New York 2017 - Here we go again!

ACD/MI goes New York.

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AKI Deleuze Cluster


On the 17. and 18. May 2017, the AKI Academy of Art and Design, University of the Arts ArtEZ will host the Annual National Deleuze Scholarship Conference THE GRIN WITHOUT A CAT. Each year one university in the Netherlands is chosen to organise this national conference and highlight a specific aspect in the work of Gilles Deleuze.

This cluster of Deleuze events unites scholars, philosophers, students and artists. The sessions will have their KICK OFF on Monday the 26. September 2016. Invited speakers are Prof. Dr. Julieanna Preston, Filip van Dingenen, Andrej Radman and Dr. Marc Boumeester.

The seminar will be followed up by regular meetings of the Deleuze reading group under the lead of Agnieszka A. Wolodzko. In her programme DELEUZE's APPRENTICESHIP she will not only introduce the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze (and Félix Guattari), but elaborate on the multiple connections and uncomfortable lines of what drives thinking and creativity.

DELEUZE KICK OFF Lecture Performance Workshop
Monday 26.09. - Tuesday 27.09.2016
Key note: Prof. Dr. Julieanna Preston, Massey University, New Zealand Other speakers: Filip Dingenen, LUCA School of Arts in Ghent / Brussels | Andrej Radman, University of Technology, TU Delft | Dr. Marc Boumeester, AKI Academy of Art and Design.

Moday 26. September 2016
12:00 Lecture/Performance Practicing Care by Prof.Dr. Julieanna Preston | Open to all
The lecture Practicing Care introduces three recent site-responsive durational performance works that inquire into the nuances of this issue: IN COLD HEAT (2016), water-logged (2016) and bit-u-men-at-work (2015). The art works are informed by feminist philosophy, new materialism and literature on the subject of vitalism. Julieanna Preston is a Professor of Spatial Practice at The College of Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand. Her scholarly and creative practice operates across art, architecture, design and performance writing and draws from feminist philosophy, new materialism and discourse on vitalism. See her website for details and examples of her work. 
14:00 Break
15:00 Lecture Asignifying Assemblage of Affordance by Andrej Radman & Dr. Marc Boumeester | Open to the participants of Deleuze’s Apprenticeship
16:30 Informal get together participants Deleuze’s Apprenticeship
18:30 Dinner speakers and ‘crew’.

Tuesday 27. September 2016
10:00 Lecture Filip van Dingenen | Open to all
11:30 - 15:00 Workshop 8 Avatars of Time Filip van Dingenen | Open to 15-20 students

Date: 10. Oct. 2016 - 01. May 2017 | Every 2nd Monday | 13.30 - 16.00  h
Lecturer: Agnieszka A. Wolodzko

This is not a course on Deleuze’s philosophy but rather about how to think with Deleuze. You will not be taught yet another system what to think and know. If you are looking for yet another tool to master knowledge, these events will disappoint you. Populated by encounters, we will learn together the path of multiple connections, uncomfortable lines of what drives thinking and creativity. Apprenticeship means that you are not to directly, unreflexively apply the concepts of Deleuze’s philosophy on your work, but to problematize it, see what is important for you, for today. We will focus on problems that appear in the process of creative thinking and practice. We will see how philosophical concepts are further generated within creative images, sounds, spaces and movements; and how they immediately generate new people, new forms of thinking. Consequently, we will see how the process of thinking and creation is already a political and ethical act.

Meetings in 2016: 10.10. Introduction: Deleuze’s Demonology | 31.10. Affect | 14.10. Becoming and Creativity | 28.11. Multiplicity and Assemblage | 12.12. Relationality and Movement

Meetings in 2017: 09.01. Knowledge and Learning | 23.01. Collaboration and Friendship | 06.02. Difference and Chaos | 27.02. Experiment and Chance | 13.03. Politics and Resistance | 27.03. Ethics and Sustainability 10.04. Futurity: for-the-people-yet-to-come | 01.05. Conclusion: Preparation for the Conference

This reading group is open to the puplic. To receive more detailed information please register and mail to Agnieszka Anna Wolodzko

Date: 17. and 18. May 2017

Education in design is about the design of education: what we learn and how we learn are inseparable. Dichotomies such as content and form, figure and ground, or inside and outside serve no useful purpose. It is the task of educators to integrate de-stratification and holistic approaches within pedagogic practices – processes that should include the design of education itself.

More information about call for papers, keynotes and registration will follow shortly. | website: | contact mail:

All events will be held in English | All  events will take place at ArtEZ AKI Academy of Art and Design, Hulsmaatstraat 35, 7523 WB Enschede