Year 2 | Lenses & Networks

Lecturers: Dave and Elodie & Sjoerd
Date:  Mo 05.09. - Wed 07.09.2016
Location: MI Room | Begin: 10.00 

Concerned with extensions and new relations between ideas, people and projects within and/or outside of the AKI this course wants to strengthen your independency and confidence. You should exercise your own work routine and learn how to present and communicate your projects to others. You are in the third semester and have the freedom to take artistic risks and make new experiences.

Questions: What are my weak spots and could I overcome them by working with others? What are my qualities? How can I communicate my ideas to others? […] Keywords: Microscope, Lens, Milieu, Rhizome, Ecology, Network, Experiment, Failure, Progress, Process


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