Media Theory I: Vilém Flusser: Into the Universe of Technical Images

Seminar with Katharina D. Martin
Date: 13th April 2016 at 13.30  |  Location: MI Room 0.53  

In our third meeting we will discuss the excerpts 'To Imagine', 'To Signify' and 'To Interact' of Vilém Flusser’s Into the Universe of Technical Images. 

"First published 1985 as Ins Universum der technischen Bilder, Vilém Flusser’s Into the Universe of Technical Images has only now been translated into English. It is part of a triumvirate of theoretical texts – alongside Does Writing Have a Future? and Towards a Philosophy of Photography –all of which scrutinise technology, communication, the fate of writing, and the radical potential of mediated images. [...]
Into the Universe of Technical Images is not, however, a celebratory speculation about a future utopia of mediated image. It is more accurately – and Flusser makes this clear – a critique of his present. [...]
Technical images make it possible to ‘grasp the ungraspable and visualise the invisible’ (p. 16). They are produced through apparatuses which ‘consolidate particles around us’. The invisible bits of information, electronic abstract impulses that fingers, hands and eyes find unattainable are captured and computed by apparatuses which ‘have no trouble with particles’ (p. 16). Instead, these apparatuses can be programmed to shape photons and electrons, splinters of information and code into images. In this way, Flusser argues, the universe of the technical image, shored-up by the apparatus of electronic media, has the potential to bring about a cultural revolution, a revolution that is technical rather than political. [...]"

Book Review by David Crouch


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