Media Theory I: Paul Virilio: The Vision Machine

Seminar with Katharina D. Martin
Date: 6th April 2016 at 13.30  |  Location: MI Room 0.53  

Adam Harvey | project CV Dazzle
In our second meeting we will discuss the last chapter of Paul Virilio's The Vision Machine. Originally published in French the book was translated and published in English in 1994.

Paul Virilio, was trained as an architect, then becoming a philosopher and social theorist. He has extensively written and fruitfully contributed to the development of social theory of the media with an surpsrinsingly prescient anaylses and an alternative perspective on technology, perception, and reality. In The Vision Machine he explains the emergence of virtuality as a historical process due to changing logics of perception. The book is surprisingly prescient and challenging survey of the technologies of perception, production and dissemination of images throughout history. From the era of painting and architecture culminating in the 18th century, the history of ‘regimes of the visual’ shifted with the intervention of the photogram (photography and cinematography) in the 19th century. The latest era starts with the videography, holography and infographics, turning the dissolution of modernity into a generalised logic of public representations. Virilio’s book offers the most provocative account of the history of ‘seeing’ to date and could revolutionise the way we periodise not only art history but ‘social existence’ itself.

Workshop ‘Transformances', March 31 + April 1, 2016

Workshop ‘Transformances – Playing against the photographic apparatus’ 
March 31 + April 1, 2016 (Room 1.52 + 1.53)


Thursday March 31 (11.00-14.45)
11.00-11.40: artist talk + Q&A
11.40-11.50: short break
11.50-12.30: introduction workshop
12.30-13.00: lunch break
13.00-14.45: workshop part I

Friday April 1 (11.00-14.45)
11.00-11.45: workshop part II
11.45-11.55: short break
11.55-12.30: workshop part III
12.30-13.00: lunch break
13.00-14.00: plenary discussion
14.00-14.45: closing presentation

Bring a digital camera (smartphone, digital camera or iPad)
Fully charged & with enough memory!

Media Theory I: Friedrich Kittler: Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

Seminar with Katharina D. Martin
Date: 30th March 2016 at 13.00  |  Location: MI Room 0.53
Jean Cocteau, Le Sang d'un poete, 1930.
In our first meeting we will discuss the chapter "film" in Friedrich Kittler's Gramophone, Film, Typewriter. A book which is part technological history of the emergent new media in the late nineteenth century, part theoretical discussion of the responses to these media.

Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the hegemony of the printed word was shattered by the arrival of new media technologies that offered novel ways of communicating and storing data. Previously, writing had operated by way of symbolic mediation—all data had to pass through the needle's eye of the written signifier—but phonography, photography, and cinematography stored physical effects of the real in the shape of sound waves and light. Friedrich Kittler analyzes this momentous shift using insights from the work of Foucault, Lacan, and McLuhan. The book ties the establishment of new discursive practices to the introduction of new media technologies, and it shows how both determine the ways in which psychoanalysis conceives of the psychic apparatus in terms of information machines.

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Tuesday 29 march - (Exam)
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Projectweek - Workshop Filemon

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