1: Update Moving Image

An extra mentor meeting is planned on 9/11 during the lunchbreak. 

You will receive a Propedeuse certificate after the first year.  

New York: 
ACD will go to New York in May 2016. If you, as Moving Image student, want to join you can send an e-mail to me (R.vanDam@ArtEZ.nl) The costs will be around +/- 860 Euro (retour flight and 6 nights including breakfast and travel card).  

Tip for another excursion: 
November 18 to 29  IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam)
There is an open lab for future filmmakers DocLab

1: Exam

The Labyrinth or Maze

1. Make a movie with the concept “Labyrinth or Maze”
2. Edit the movie as a Fibonacci sequence: 
   1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89
3. Delete the sounds that came with the recording
4. Use other sounds that ‘fits’ (Freesound.org for collecting sounds)
5. Make an intro and a outro
6. Export as AppleProres Quicktime
7. Export as H.264 for the web
8. Make a poster (A3) of your movie - use some stills from the movie,
- Name your movie
- Name the credits
(9. I will print the poster on the colour printer)
10. Upload the movie to the Moving Image server.

Adobe Premiere, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator
Videocamera’s from Warrie

1: Moving Myself

In short, hereby the steps you have to make for the moving body:
1- Cut-out in Photoshop your full-shot body picture
2- Import the file in Illustrator
3- Draw the body parts with the pen-tool and put them on several layers, name every layer.
4- Cut-out only your head as a photoshop psd
5- Import the AI en the PSD file in After Effects as 'Composition Retain Layers'
6- Parent the body parts
7- Animate with keyframes

1: AKI closed

Due to an excursion the AKI will be closed on
Wednesday, september 16 at 3 pm.
This includes all classes as well as workshops and ateliers!

1: The Interview

Next thursday (3 sept.) we will watch our interview-movie and will enjoy our first editing with Premiere Pro.