Project: Mood Images

Project with Katharina D. Martin and Dave Wille
Begin: 4th January 2016 at 10.30

To create affective and atmospheric images, which in turn will trigger certain emotions in the spectator, is one of the numerous necessary skills you will learn in the programme Moving Image. There are many different tools that an image maker has at her or his disposal. Besides techniques for writing or crafting a story, there are subtler means to communicate content.

These tools are: Light, camera (frame size, angle, duration, movement or lack thereof, composition, and depth of field), the casting (performance and type or style), the sound design and music as well the production design (sets, props, costumes, and locations, colours, styles etc.), the media (digital animation, video recording, film recording, etc.).

In this project we will asks you to create two different scenes, each of the length between 1 and 3 minutes. The pieces should be directed in a way that their atmosphere is the most crucial aspect. The narration does not have priority and you must not work with dialogues. You will choose two opposite mood themes you want to create. To succeed you will have to find an appropriate way to bring these themes into form.

School re-opens on January 4th.

Vimeo Account

Collision from Toms Silke on Vimeo.

The AKI has a Vimeo PRO account and is working on it's collections

Send your URL to Johan Visser and we'll add you to it.
Make sure your description is professional plus mention your name and year of making.
When you know of other or older student work hiding in the Vimeo vaults, please inform us.

About the lesson next week

History of perception 

(or philosophy)

The lesson next week is cancelled because only two people can attend. Instead of a lesson you'll do a short assignment, inspired by the last lesson. 

The philosopher's letter

You'll write a letter of about 400-500 words (1 a4) about a philosophical topic to one random classmate. In the letter you'll ask a philosophical question that is related to art or film in particular and you'll try to answer it. 

Email me your letter by next Wednesday (end of the day, before midnight). After the Christmas break I will give the letter to another classmate. I'll decide which classmate that will be, so you should write your letter to "friend", "x", "fellow thinker", "fellow artist", or whichever unspecific name you can think of.

Before I send the letter to a classmate, it should be a letter worth responding to. Therefore I will grade your letter (insufficient, sufficient or good) before it's send. If the letter is not good enough, you'll have to rewrite the letter. 

What I expect:

1- I expect you to make an effort to really think about a good question and its answer.
2- I expect you to refer to an artist, an author (a philosopher would be a good one) or both in your letter. (Also make sure anyone can look up the information you've used in your text, so include a small bibliography)
3- I expect you to write a letter in decent English

1: Photography

Dear students,

Next Monday we start with the block Photography starting with a lesson by Leo. To prepare yourself you should bring an A3 sketch book, scissors, glue, pencils etc. And a camera of course. All lessons will start at 10.00.
On Tuesday both Leo and Donald will be present. On Thursday the lesson will be in Amsterdam starting at 10.00 at Leo’s studio. Adres below, take tram 13 stop: Westermarkt. At 12.00 we’ll go to the IDFA festival. It will be a long day. On Friday the lesson will start at 11.00 at the academy. Leo will give you more detailed information on Monday. 

Looking forward!

Leo and Donald

Go to our Facebook Event, share it on your own page and invite as many interested friends as you can.

1: Marc Boumeester

Due to the special schedules last weeks there we're no regular lessons of Marc.
So, that's why he wants to meet you all on Thursday, november 19, 3 - 4 p.m.

1: Moving Image Christmas Event in Amsterdam

17th of December a Moving Image Christmas event is scheduled. We will meet in Amsterdam: (NL12 Photography & Film, Nieuwe Leliestraat 12 sous).We will start at 2 PM with the presentation of your final work for photography, afterwards we will have a 'Christmas drink'.  All tutors will be there. 

More information will follow. 

Lecture: The Beauty of Science

AKI Festival Week
In the lab of physicist Alexander Brinkman something went beautifully wrong: europium- monoxide oxidized further into useless EuO3. The differences in thickness however resulted in amazing light effects which reminded Brinkman of paintings of Van Gogh. This is an example of the beauty of science. Four young UT-scientists will show beauty in their own field: dr. Nathalie Katsonis about biomolecular nanotechnology, dr. Saskia Lindhoud about nanobiophysics, Alexander Brinkman about quantum transport in matter and Pascal Jonkheijm about molecular nano fabrication.

The lecture is in English, on Tuesday, November 3rd and it starts at 19.30 until 21.00 hrs and will take place in the Vrijhof Amphitheater (University Twente Campus).

1:Mentor Meeting

The individual mentor meetings (previous scheduled at 9th of November) are rescheduled to 5 and 6 November, during lunch break.  

1: WORKSHOPWEEK – Subscribe now!

NOVEMBER, 16 - 20



Registration lists in the Akibalie
(opposite to the Library)
daily from 12:30 to 14:00 hrs

Subscribe now! First come - first served!

1: Excursion Amsterdam

Excursion Amsterdam 

Saturday, October 31, 2015 the Moving Image students will visit the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam with tutor Hiba Vink.

Train: Enschede Station 8:16am > Amsterdam CS 10:30am

1: Update Moving Image

An extra mentor meeting is planned on 9/11 during the lunchbreak. 

You will receive a Propedeuse certificate after the first year.  

New York: 
ACD will go to New York in May 2016. If you, as Moving Image student, want to join you can send an e-mail to me ( The costs will be around +/- 860 Euro (retour flight and 6 nights including breakfast and travel card).  

Tip for another excursion: 
November 18 to 29  IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam)
There is an open lab for future filmmakers DocLab

1: Exam

The Labyrinth or Maze

1. Make a movie with the concept “Labyrinth or Maze”
2. Edit the movie as a Fibonacci sequence: 
   1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89
3. Delete the sounds that came with the recording
4. Use other sounds that ‘fits’ ( for collecting sounds)
5. Make an intro and a outro
6. Export as AppleProres Quicktime
7. Export as H.264 for the web
8. Make a poster (A3) of your movie - use some stills from the movie,
- Name your movie
- Name the credits
(9. I will print the poster on the colour printer)
10. Upload the movie to the Moving Image server.

Adobe Premiere, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator
Videocamera’s from Warrie

1: Moving Myself

In short, hereby the steps you have to make for the moving body:
1- Cut-out in Photoshop your full-shot body picture
2- Import the file in Illustrator
3- Draw the body parts with the pen-tool and put them on several layers, name every layer.
4- Cut-out only your head as a photoshop psd
5- Import the AI en the PSD file in After Effects as 'Composition Retain Layers'
6- Parent the body parts
7- Animate with keyframes

1: AKI closed

Due to an excursion the AKI will be closed on
Wednesday, september 16 at 3 pm.
This includes all classes as well as workshops and ateliers!

1: The Interview

Next thursday (3 sept.) we will watch our interview-movie and will enjoy our first editing with Premiere Pro.

Start Moving Image

Start semester Moving Image: friday, august 28th, 11 am

The brand new Moving Image study program starts in September

Take part in the future of communication design. Moving Image is an exciting, new and creative alternative to more theory-oriented academic studies. The study synergizes deeply rooted philosophical departure points on what moving images are with a clear development of the skillsets needed to explore what moving images do.

Working with the most elaborate theories and philosophies on the nature of moving image of our time, students will explore the boundaries and thresholds of this medium, with the goal to convert this knowledge into a new and unprecedented forms of audio-visual communication. This program is the first of its kind to combine an intense study of theoretical components and a hands-on translation into the practical domain.

It is the only existing program that offers a high level, three year bachelor program within the realm of art- and design academies in the Netherlands, and offers therefore a superb and innovative alternative to those who possess both advanced analytical- and creative skills.

Admission info. Starting september 2015. Seats are scarce. So mail like greased lightning to Ina Bode