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Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 6: Tue Nov 21 in room 1.53!!!

As announced at the last session: our final assignment will be done together with the first year students of Crossmedia Design.

Tuesday November 21 we will meet in room 1.53 at 10:00 sharp.

Year 1: Collecting the content

Collect all your content that you have made in the first semester.
Meeting: Wednesday  - Novembre 22th at 9:30 in 1.31.

Aanwezigheid decanaat

Donderdag 16 november en dinsdag 21 november ben ik afwezig. In plaats daarvan donderdag 23 november de hele dag én vrijdag 24 november aanwezig. Je mail beantwoord ik binnen 3 werkdagen. Afspraken maken kan via het webloket.

Thursday 16 november en tuesday 21 november I'll be out of office. Instead I'll be available thursday 23 november en friday 24 november. You' ll get a reply on your email within 3 workingdays and of course you can make an appointment by using the electronic agenda.


Year 1: (De)constructing the Apparatus of Looking (1/6)

Lecturers: Sjoerd van Oevelen & Elodie Hiryczuk
Course: Image Design
Date: Wed. 15.11 | Begin: 10.00 | End 17.00 hrs

Room: Moving Image

Photographer Bernard Sury focuses a camera on a cave painting at Lascaux, 1947

Questionning the idea of photography as a window to a reality beyond the camera is the underlying theme of this course. We are so used to understand the world through photographic images that we often forget the inherent ambiguities of the lens-based image. During the course we will explore the visual representation of space through different empirical and scientific methods as well as artistic and philosophical concepts. We will investigate the precise role of looking and discuss alternative ways of image-making that escape the fixed program of the photographic apparatus.

Each session will begin with a lecture centered on one topic followed by an experimental assignment to be conducted during class. Throughout the sessions we will give you feedback and monitor the making process. We will close each session with a short presentation and a discussion of eachother's experiments and analyse how images and theoretical concepts influence each other. The final session will include a small public exhibition of all your experiments in the academy building.

Assignment outline
The assignments will be based on the 'Theoria cum Praxis' principle of German philosopher Leibniz in which theory is always combined with practice and vice versa. Through this 'learning by doing' (or 'body learning') each assignment aims to be an empirical experiment or a test for a specific question about perception, representation, the experience of space, virtuality and physicality. For all these assignments you will need a (digital) photo camera. When needed a list of additional materials will be provided a week before each session.

Session 1/6 Wednesday 15.11
Lecture 1: Introduction on the fundamentals of looking in relation to representation
Experiment 1: Perspective Machine

A pencil, a ruler, a triangular ruler, a digital camera or smartphone 

Symposium and workshop on
Creations in bio-art & bio-science

22 November 2017
Venue: DesignLab, Pinetumweg, Enschede

With invited artists, scientists and philosophers we will encounter and discuss new creations of biotechnologies. With CRISPR-CAS gene editing, organs-on-chips, and the routine manipulation of stem cells, new acute questions arise: what is life and living bodies, where is the boundary between nature and culture, human and nonhuman? We will ask how can think and act when facing new organs of biotech. Science-Frictions is a joint production by AKI and DesignLab University of Twente.

Entrance is free but registration is required.

Science-Friction workshop "Investigative Observatory" with Špela Petrič, Miha Turšič 13.00-16.00 registration

Science-Friction symposium 16:30-19.30 registration

Year 2: Philosophy research assignment

Assignment Deadlines and Course Session Friday 17.11. at 13.30 | Room 0.53 | Read thoroughly! you will get a grade for the presentation and the texts

  1. Text study and text comment; Lewis Mumford: Bring your text copy to class. Choose 3 crucial quotations and comment on them. Relate the concept of the 'mega machine' to the film snowpiercer. (text 500 words excl. quotes, printed text expected on 17.11.) 
  2. Text study and text comment; Gilbert Simondon: Please print Simondon's text and bring it to class. Choose 3 crucial quotes and comment on them. (text 500 words excl. quotes, printed text expected on 17.11.) 
  3. Prepare a 15-min presentation with ppt about the topic: Human, Machine, Cyborg. Make connections between the text(s) and the film(s). (Presentation 17.11.)
  4. Be prepared to be checked on your knowledge of both texts and the films Snowpiercer, Westworld and Existenz.

Year 1 | Concept for All - Session 4: Tue Nov 7 and Thu Nov 9

Assignment for coming Thursday:
- 360 video/VR-concept

Keep in mind:
- Who is it for?
- What is it about?
- How does it work?

Some inspiration:
360 video examples
The Conjuring 2, animated 360 experience

Director Adam Cosco, 360 short films

VR examples
Living with lag, Ume (provider), 2014

Overcoming fear examples

Mixed media examples
The Void, Hyper reality experience, 2015

VR Park Tokyo, VR theme park, 2016

Looking forward to your results!

Second Year Project (3.2)

Today was the kick-of for the branded creative work.

To confirm what the next steps are, outside the contact hours:
Tim and Valerie will finish a draft, send it out for feedback from the rest and have a version on the table by the end of tomorrow that we can work with.

You will have to divide the roles for pre production, production and post based on personal preference for this project.  Work this out amongst your peers.Think about what you are good at and what you want to improve still. Please don't stick with what you know only. Make sure that you are doing equal parts or at least parts you can live with.

A finished list and planning of this needs to be ready before coming into class next Monday (13th 10:00) I understand that, because we didn't finish more of the narrative today, there might still be some lack of involvement. It is also your own responsibility to keep up with the progress of this project. So check in with each other and make sure you are clear on what to do.

Please include me in the email chain through gijs@gijsdierselhuis.com
Next contact day will be Monday 13th at 10:00, please be punctual.

Excursion China March/April

Excursion China 2018
24th March – 3rd April 
EUR 990,00 pp

incl. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, flights, accomodation, train-trips!
Sign in here!

Year 1: Academic Writing

6 November 10:00  in room 0.56 
See you tomorrow!

Year 2: Philosophy (session 4)

Wednesday 08.11. | film screening at 10.00 | room 0.56 | eXistenZ (1999) by David Cronenberg 

David Cronenberg's eXistenZ is a creepily downbeat near-future techie thriller, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh as Allegra Geller, the super-cool games designer, who has just unveiled "eXistenZ", a game you plug directly into your neuro-system and play in the infinite cyberspace of your mind.


Please make notes, so that you can give not only a summary of the film's narration but discuss it in detail. Bring the notes with you to our session on Friday 10.11. 

Mov Img students joining AKI WEEK !

Please make contact with Ina on Monday morning if you are interested in joining a workshop or lecture. Otherwise check in for your regular classes.

Update: The lecture of Dominique, Silent Majority, Tuesday 7th November will be in English.

Check if your on the list for the workshops. There was only a limited place for some workshops, so for the workshop of Merel and Sjoerd names that were extra added aren't included. 

Bring with you: Scissors and glue,
Lots of Magazines, Pictures, Photographs, 
Elianne Schotanus, Wieke Hesp, Tita Polderman, Manon Stigt, Kim Jansen, Esther van der Werff , Rein Jongelie, Sterre Arentsen, Laura Schefer, Lianne Haafkes, Carmen Zomer, Judith Glimmerveen, Jip Bertelink, Nienke Marsmanå, Jiska Bouwman, Dagmar Brussel, Laure Haverkort, Kaja Dunnewind, Talitha Fruneaux, Amber Christenhusz, Leander Brinks, Melle Foortjes, Lisette Schrijver, Yleana Hanekamp, Nandile Timerije, Jessie Wijburg, Sytze Woudsma, Phillip Schmidt, Yushi Suzuki, Anouk Daams, Celina Veenendaal, Sheena Bhagwandin, Sabine Go, Noskov Kirill, Ketiskia Hodge, Tena Langeveld, Celine Hoogervorst 

Bring with you: Laptop and camera
Louisa Garcia Ortega , Julia van Eijden, Jasmijn Krikhaar, Laura Heemink, Laure Haverkort, Nandile Timmerije, Cas Klaver, Yorrick Grobben, Dave Fransz, Celine Hoogervorst, Sophie Buitenhuis, Nikki Kirpestein, Feline van der Kamp, Yushi Suzuki, Linda Snoek

Bring with you: 
Black and coloured markers
Inbar Damhuis, Inge van de Wal, Manon Stigt, Kim Jansen, Babet Kanis, Lisa Groenink, Judith Glimmerveen, Sterre Arentsen, Jip Bertelink, Anouk Daams, Dagmar Brussel, Carmen Zomer, Lianne Haafkes, Laura Scheffer, Kaja Dunnewind, Talitha Fruneaux, Charlotte Bon, Sophie Buitenhuis, Melle Foortjes, Thijs Rosman, Sytze Woudsma
Lisette Schrijver, Iris Veltman

See the links below for the time schedule for the AKI-WEEK and the content of the lectures/workshops. The descriptions are still in Dutch. English translation will follow tomorrow!

Lectures and workshops

This Wednesday there will be checklist at the reception for the workshops who have a limited amount of students allowed and also a list for you own personal upkeep.